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At the orthodontic office of Dr. Glenn P. Frial, your smile is our top priority! Located in Laguna Niguel, California, we are delighted to provide first-class service to you and your family at every visit. Our unwavering attention to detail ensures our patients will receive the best possible treatment. We have helped thousands of people make the most of their smiles, and we look forward to helping you, too!

Dr. Frial and our team change lives, one smile at a time. Orthodontic treatment can transform your health, looks, and confidence. We believe that everyone deserves the benefits of a BEAUTIFUL SMILE. That's why we offer several treatment options, all fully customizable to meet each patient’s unique needs. Our services include:

To start your journey to a new, beautiful smile, schedule a complimentary consultation at our Laguna Niguel orthodontic office!

Why Choose Us

We believe it is important not only to meet, but to exceed the standards of orthodontic care.

At Frial Orthodontics, you will not only enjoy the orthodontic process, but you will receive a smile that will change your life.

“Dr Frial and his staff are excellent at what they do! From the very first call I knew my son was in good hands. Dr Frial explained all aspects of care and his staff is efficient and communicative. Overall a wonderful experience! We are very pleased with our son’s new and improved smile!”

Leanne C

“Dr. Frial and his staff have been great! Both my children were his patients when they were young so when I decided to straighten my own teeth, he was my absolute first choice. I was able to get evening appointments to accommodate my work schedule and everyone in the office is so helpful. The Invisalign system worked well for me and I'm really pleased with my smile. Thanks Dr. Frial!!!”

Leslie D

“I have been going to Dr Frial for over 20 years! First for myself then all three of my children. I recently needed to visit to have my permenant retainer reaffixed. My retainer has been in place for 20 years!! Dr Frial and his staff esp Allison! Are wonderful!!”

Beverly W

“We couldn’t be happier with Dr. Frial! He has a wonderful way with children and always takes time to explain procedures and progress. Dr. Frial has given my children beautiful smiles and made the whole process enjoyable! It is unique to have an orthodontist and staff that care so much about the people they treat.”

Stephanie W

“My experience as an older patient could not have been more positive. Not only are my teeth cosmetically correct now, but my bite and my jaw alignment are perfect! Dr. Frial and staff not only did a superior job medically, but made the 20 months a positive and pleasant experience. I would recommend Dr. Glenn Frial for anyone who has been putting off treatment. I will face the rest of my life with my beautiful smile!”

Ginger B

“The experience with Dr. Frial and his staff was always enjoyable and stress-free. My treatment and appointments were completed on time, and the results make me smile even more than before. Dr. Frial did both of my children’s orthodontics, and I was so pleased with their results and the whole experience that I was happy to have mine done there as well.”

Sandra H
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