If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Before making a final decision to join Dr. Frial’s orthodontic team for our daughter’s care, we interviewed five other doctors in our area. Once we had our consultation with Dr. Frial and his team, it was clearly the best choice all the way around. The friendliness of the office, the competitive price, the scheduling hours, and of course the many ways he gives back to his patients. My daughter had the final say in the decision, and she without a doubt wanted to go with Dr. Frial’s team. Since this time, we have had two of our three daughters obtain a perfect smile with Dr. Frial’s help. Our third will be here soon. We could not be happier with our choice. The office and Dr. Frial are second to none. We have referred many friends to Dr. Frial, and they all feel the same. Thank you for being the best and treating your patients like family and friends!! Keep up the great work!”

— Lori S., Laguna Niguel

“Both my boys transferred to Dr. Frial’s office midway through their orthodontic treatment. Dr. Frial and his staff made the transition very smooth and easy. The procedure and cost were laid out very quickly. Every appointment was on time, and the treatment explained clearly at each visit. The staff is always a pleasure to deal with. The whole process was quick and painless, and was over before we realized it! Thank you for helping make our move to Orange County smooth and easy.”

— Hema N., Rancho Santa Margarita

“My name is Doug, and I spent most of my childhood and early adult life with teeth and a smile that I was not very proud of. My teeth were very crooked due to overcrowding. I was missing a front tooth and another was chipped due to a childhood fall. Consequently, whenever I was forced to smile, it was always with a closed mouth. I consulted with numerous dental professionals and just about all of them said that I would have to have my jaw broken, rewired, and then begin orthodontic treatment.

“I received a recommendation to speak with Dr. Frial about procedures to gain a smile that I could be proud of someday. He was the only one who said that he was confident he would be able to correct my smile problems without such radical measures. He said that it might take some time but he had the technology and ‘know-how’ to make it happen. I was given excellent referrals to other dental professionals for the extensive care that I needed to make sure my smile would last.

“Whenever I came into his office, the staff always treated me like a friend rather than a patient. The office and equipment were always immaculate, and it seemed as if my time always mattered to Dr. Frial and his staff. I spent three years under his care, and I can truly say that today I can proudly smile with all of my pearly whites because of my wonderful treatment and patient care with Dr. Frial.”

— Doug J., Laguna Hills

“The experience with Dr. Frial and his staff was always enjoyable and stress-free. My treatment and appointments were completed on time, and the results make me smile even more than before. Dr. Frial did both of my children’s orthodontics, and I was so pleased with their results and the whole experience that I was happy to have mine done there as well.”

— Sandra H., Huntington Beach

“Dr. Frial and staff are the most professional people I have come across in the medical industry. They are always on time and so accommodating to get you an appointment around your schedule. I have two children who are patients of Dr. Frial. My son Connor has completed his treatment and has the most beautiful smile ever. He is always getting compliments on his teeth. He was able to start high school with his treatment completed, and that million-dollar smile, thanks to Dr. Frial. My daughter, Makenna, has completed her first phase and already has a beautiful smile and gets many compliments as well. I have recommended Dr. Frial to many friends and family, and will continue to do so well after we have finished. Many thanks to Dr. Frial and staff for the many years of excellent service.”

— Kim K., Laguna Niguel

“Dr. Frial and staff have proven themselves to be one of the best-run dental offices I have ever patronized. The first impression of an office starts with the front office staff, and Dr. Frial’s staff is nothing less than professional and friendly. The office really caters to the needs and concerns of the patient. The kids enjoy checking in by clicking their pictures via their computer up front. Everything is explained to a ‘T,’ not only to the parents but to the kids as well. The kids are made comfortable in the waiting room by the use of Game Boys and books. Dr. Frial even has a rewards system where the kids are given tickets if they wear their Dr. Frial T-shirt at their office visits. Tickets are then put in a raffle for a prize. Dr. Frial plans a patient appreciation ice skating party every summer, to the delight of the kids.

“When going to an appointment, we never have to wait longer than a few minutes, and our treatment is swift and efficient. Dr. Frial’s office is organized, state of the art, and extremely friendly. I have referred many of my friends to the services of Dr. Frial with great pride. He and his staff have never disappointed me. One other benefit of Dr. Frial’s office is the affordability. His prices are extremely reasonable, billing is quick and accurate, and Dr. Frial’s character is unmeasurable. He is very honest in his treatment, letting parents know if additional braces phases are not needed. I feel extremely comfortable and trust Dr. Frial and his staff explicitly! Most importantly, my kids’ teeth are absolutely gorgeous!”

— Beth N., Laguna Hills

“We couldn’t be happier with Dr. Frial! He has a wonderful way with children and always takes time to explain procedures and progress. Having had three children in orthodontics at the same time, scheduling was also important, and it always worked out nicely, thanks to his exceptional staff. Dr. Frial has given my children beautiful smiles and made the whole process enjoyable! It is unique to have an orthodontist and staff that care so much about the people they treat.”

— Stephanie W., Laguna Niguel

“After many years of wanting and needing orthodontic treatment, I was referred to Dr. Frial. My experience as an older patient could not have been more positive. Not only are my teeth cosmetically correct now, but my bite and my jaw alignment are perfect! Dr. Frial and staff not only did a superior job medically, but made the 20 months a positive and pleasant experience. I would recommend Dr. Glenn Frial for anyone who has been putting off treatment. Taking care of yourself is a lifetime process, and Dr. Frial has contributed to my success. I will face the rest of my life with my beautiful smile!”

— Ginger B., Mission Viejo

“My children have had a wonderful orthodontic experience with Dr. Frial and his staff. I have seven children, with five having been patients of Dr. Frial. My last two will probably also need orthodontic treatment.

“The office staff has always been helpful and friendly when scheduling and rescheduling appointments. There is almost no waiting time at all. They are on time with all the appointments I have had over the eight years we have been patients.

“The orthodontic staff has made it easy for my children. They are gentle and kind. They help explain the process to the children as they work on them. One of my daughters had a fear of dentists and dental work, but Dr. Frial and his staff were prepared for her. They were sensitive to her fears and concerns. They were very gentle with her and, as a result, she had a great orthodontic experience.

“Alison Goldstein has been awesome at explaining the orthodontic process and helping us choose from the various financial options. She is quite good with the children when explaining the process of expanding the jaw, wearing braces, and caring for the retainer.

“Dr. Frial has done a marvelous job in straightening my children’s teeth. The proposed treatment plan and actual treatment ending times were on schedule. He was wonderful with all my children! He took the time to explain the process and patiently answer all my questions.

“Over the years, Dr. Frial has had a Patient Appreciation summer ice skating party. This has been quite a hit with my children. They look forward to ice skating every summer. Eating pizza and drinking soda and hot chocolate are the highlights of the evening. The raffle and door prizes make the evening a fun surprise!

“My children have beautiful teeth as a result of the care and expertise of Dr. Frial. It takes us about 30 minutes to drive to his office. While I could have found an orthodontist closer to where we live, the service and care given at Dr. Frial’s office has sold us on him. We have been very pleased with the total care we’ve received. We highly recommend him.”

— Melinda W., Mission Viejo


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